It is estimated £140 million worth of clothing goes into landfill each year.

We are making every effort to offer a more sustainable Collection of Clothing.

The reason for pre-ordering is because we are conscious of the carbon foot print by producing tens of thousands of pieces shipping them around the world & part ending up going into the sale not being sold & therefore being wasted, burnt or going to landfill.

We have carefully picked factories and suppliers who can work with smaller quantities providing a more bespoke service to our customers, only making what we actually need, order by order. In turn this takes longer but is kinder to our planet and more sustainable all round.

Our collection is put together with 'timeless' at the forefront of our purpose.

These pieces are not a trend; in one season & out the next but to join & blend with your existing clothing & remain there.....regardless of time, season, place, event....

Thank you for your understanding, support, patience and interest,

With best wishes Event Team.